From Dark water to Soft,

how Kopparberg came to be the world’s best loved Swedish Cider.


Nearly three decades ago a young merchant sailor had a near-death experience that not only generated a change in the course of his own life, but put the little-heard town of Kopparberg on the map. What happened next  is the stuff of legend!

KOPPARBERGAt the age of 19, a young Peter Bronsman was in the peak of his young life and at the beginning of his merchant Naval career. One night throwing sacks overboard, he slipped and ended up in the dark, perilous and shark-infested waters of the South China Sea. Luckily a fellow crewman had seen him slip, but not before a long and terrifying two hour wait to be rescued. It was during this time that Peter had an epiphany…. surely there was a less dangerous and risk aversive way to live one’s life. Not long after he quit the Navy, returned to his native Sweden and did something he always had a passion for – he set up a drinks export company with his brother Dan-Anders and experienced almost instant success.

Not long afterwards in the mid 1990’s, Peter saw an advert in a newspaper for a Bryggeri up for sale in the small and charming Swedish countryside of Kopparberg. Built over 130 years ago, the brewery upon inspection had fallen into a dilapidated state of disrepair, and was used only to store what locals would refer to as ‘good water’, sourced locally and due to its low mineral content this water would eventually become as famous as the town it was sourced from. It is the same soft water that is still used in all Kopparberg cider to this day. Knowing the health benefits of this little town’s precious water, Peter worked with the local township of Kopparberg to restore the ailing brewery to it’s former glory.

Kopparberg_stream-flowersTwo decades later, the pioneering spirit of the Bronsman family and the township of Kopparberg have transformed an abandoned brewery in a small country town to the thriving, worldwide success story it is today! It produces over 60% of Kopparberg Cider for export all over the world, and the original 130 year-old recipe used to create and produce cider is still used to this day. Every bottle of Kopparberg contains the locally sourced soft water which allows natural tastes to come through unaltered, and hence remains an essential feature of the Kopparberg triumph.

Alongside Kopparberg, the Bronsman family also own another three breweries that produce lager and craft beers, Sofiero (the countries best-selling lager) being one of them. The Bronsman tale has been such a success that many breweries near and far have offered to buy the business, the answer is always a resounding ‘no’. Peter is still committed to growing and developing the Kopparberg range and story. In his own words “we have built something special here”. You only have to experience one mouthful of the thirst-quenching and delicious fruit ciders to know he is absolutely right…Skål!